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4 Dec 2015

Pink Blush & Stylish Mamas

I'm the first person to say that motherhood has changed my entire life, including my style. However. I am a firm believer that you shouldn't have to sacrifice WHO YOU ARE just because of your new role. I take pride in putting my son first - both my boys a lot of the days - but I never turn down a chance, reason, or occasion to have a dose of my "old self" as I always bug my husband saying. In all seriousness, who and how I am since becoming a mother has everything to do with the person I've grown to become through new experiences and milestones, and nothing to do with someone I dislike or am forced into being. I feel like my style has remained much the same but tweaked for practicality. I don't mind wearing heels less while in the stages of carrying car seats and taking strollers out the house, or skipping expensive necklaces and investing in virgin extensions until either are safe from grabby little hands - because nothing fills my days with smiles quite like really getting down with my son. That being said, I don't like to go out looking like the rough morning we might have had or as if I've given up on everything in life aside from parenting. I just consider it another chapter that's challenged me to find balance. I can be the homebody mama I know I am and still incorporate the style that's come to be me, with just a few rules/substitutions.

Opt for soft. Harsh materials or clothing with rough edged detailing (beads, sequins, etc.) can scratch the delicate skin of your little one. Avoiding such pieces can save you from snagging both your clothes or your baby without having to pass on holding them close.

Neutrals. I love whites and blacks and while I still find them the easiest colours to work with, especially on limited time to get ready these days, off whites or creams hide the bound to happen spit-ups.

Good materials, not luxury materials. I pick my battles wisely. Choosing good materials are so important as with children, messes happen and cheap materials tend to not withstand numerous washes so well. However I often take out the "splurge" pieces and quickly rethink the risk of a disaster followed by a dry-cleaners bill.

Layering pieces. Specifically tops that layer easily, are so ideal. Whether it's easy accessibility for nursing or dawning a layer when carrying your little one gets your temperatures up.

Uniformed style. I love bold, colourful, or statement pieces as much as the next girl but having clothes that easily interchange make dressing or changes crazy quick. I never know exactly how much time I have before the cranky cries have me rushing and a wardrobe of denims, blacks, white, and neutral/earthy tones makes the mixing and matching a hell of a smoother situation on days where much time isn't given.

Minimize crazy footwear. I'm a high heel addict. Believe me! And that hasn't changed but reality is, I don't feel comfortable lugging my son, while still very fragile, in super-high stilettos. This fall the options for both chic and fierce flats are endless. If I still can't resist upping my 5-foot self, I aim for a treaded sole and chunkier heel (winter is perfect for finding styles offering both of those due to the slippery grounds).

I was so happy when I was introduced to the two-part brand, Pink Blush. Whether carrying an expected little one or already trekking through life with one on your hip, Pink Blush and Pink Blush Maternity is thee online shopping destination for all your needs! They offer a varying selection of styles that also allow you to keep your motherhood grind on 100. I love, love, love this top because it's disgustingly soft. (Rheo loves it for the very same reasons!) Not only is it gentle on his skin promoting endless snuggles and carefree interaction, it's leopard detailing adds a little flare, all while faking the layering for me and in turn creating a look that literally took me 30 seconds yet still doesn't scream, I pulled this out the laundry. I paired it with some simple black skinnies and chunky heeled boots for a sassy yet mama-appropriate ensemble.

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Being a mother is not about what you gave up to have a child, but you gained from having one.

Here's to all my bold and beautiful mamas!
XO, Olivia Murray.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions and views remain that of my own.
I do not endorse products or brands in which I do not truly use or support.

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