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4 Feb 2016

Reflect And Refresh

It's true that life flies by and although time is a variable we have no control over, we do have to ability to make the most of it or waste it. I'm noticing it even more these days. The summer, our off season, my pregnancy - it all came and went. My son is seemingly bigger every morning when I get him out of bed. Our milestones just keep happening and the length of time since their occurrence seem to escape us. I love it though. I'm not that person who is sad with "passing time" as long as I've gotten the most of every minute. I appreciate a new week, month, or year and all it brings. Every holiday or happening posing a reminder of all that's important in life. But you don't need a calendar date. I find especially with the likes of a new year - everyone waits around for what is more or less a day to make changes and reflections, but I recently read that people who choose to "refresh" more frequently are significantly happier and more "on track" with where they want to be. Questions of reflection for every month's end can help steer you in that direction. I've listed the 10 I favour and suggest considering, below.

What occurrences made you lose track of time? Were they positive and/or productive?

Who are you most thankful for?

What was your most common mental state?

How did you take care of your body, if at all?

Did you take time to treat yourself?

What problem(s), obstacle(s), or challenge(s) were you able to overcome?

What new habits did you/are you trying to cultivate?

What one new thing did you learn?

What goal are you working towards?

Did you: take your vitamins, drink your water, get your sleep?

"Reflective thinking turns experience into insight."
– John Maxwell

Toasts to personal growth!
XO, Olivia Murray.

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