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22 Nov 2015

Friday Five: Ways You're Wrecking Your Skin

We all want to "love the skin we're in," but more often than not we don't even realize that we're actively doing things that work against putting our best face forwards. While the list is somewhat endless, of things you can do to damage your skin, today I've compiled my list of most commonly made no-no's when it comes to unseen habits behind ruining that selling feature.

1. Nighttime Neglect. Probably of the most frequently made mistakes but also one of the most damaging ones, is going to bed wearing your daytime cosmetics. Makeup sits on your face and collects dirt all day long. Why prolong it's removal for another 6-12 hours? Take it off as soon as your day's over. A quick task with long term benefits. Makeup clogs your pores, preventing them from being able to breathe which in turn maximizes them and can eventually age you. Regardless of what your pre-bedtime routine consists of, it's the accumulation of what your skin consists of that repeatedly touches your pillow that's an issue. Even a freshly washed face each night, is bound to give off some oil or sweat while sleeping, which is why pillow cases need to be washed every 1-2 weeks (at longest) to avoid unconsciously clogging your pores.

2. Embracing The Heat. Too hot of showers and too many rays. We all love the heat. But that doesn't necessarily mean your skin does too! Showers and sunshine are two of the most commonly forgotten source of damage to the skin. There is a misconception that hot showers are pore opening and cleansing. However, a shower/bath that's too hot can actually work in reverse - eliminating the healthy, moisturizing components of your skin such as your body's natural oils which help it from drying out. And then there's sunscreen. Relatively self-explanatory. Sun burns. Sun spots. Wrinkles. You name it, it's not nice - especially when it's every bit preventable. Opt for makeup containing an SPF or if it's not too much to ask? Just go the distance and apply actual sunscreen. Liberally.

3. Touching your face. Hands off! No seriously. It might not cross your mind but every time you pick at, scratch, rub, touch, or rest your hands on your face you're passing of (bad) oils, dirt, bacteria, and other face damaging nastiness as well as risking scarring, inflamed skin, irritation/reaction, or flaring a breakout. Don't touch and if you have to? Try to remember to clean your hands before doing so.

4. Lack of Essentials. Hydration. Produce. Sleep. Without all of the above, you're asking for skin that's dried out, glow free, and colourless. Fluid intake as well as a good moisturizing agent will help your skin shine and maintain it's elasticity (no lines). When it comes to food, produce (fruits and vegetables) are jam packed with antioxidants, natural sugars, and a ton of vitamins that promote a healthy colour with or without makeup. After a day of remembering those agents, you need enough sleep. Inadequate rest can deprive you of your skin's dewiness and replace it with dreaded dark spots.

5. Sticking To One Product. I fall in love and rave about products just as much as the next girl does but one product will no suffice. There is no one product that can take you through every day, each season, every weather. Some occasions call for more moisturizing, some a toner, and some days you just need something light and airy when your skin needs a break. Over using one product can be really aggressive on your cells, so choose a variety of products with different components (find a line you love and see if they offer an array of options for numerous needs). 

If it seems like a lot to remember, fear not. Practice implementing one thing at a time. It will soon become habit and before you know it, you'll be subconsciously living a dermo-friendly lifestyle.

Happy Weekend!
XO, Olivia Murray.

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