9 Feb 2019

My Signature Style, In 30 Pieces With Pink Blush Maternity

I partnered up with Pink Blush Maternity for a few little projects — one of which is a curation of 30 options from their affordable maternity wear, that can also be selected from to mix and match and create your very own pregnancy friendly capsule wardrobe.

See the whole selection here, stay tuned for some of the looks we styled together and be sure to enter our live giveaway for a chance at a $200 spree to snag some of these items for yourself!

7 Feb 2019

Winter Beach Outings, with Alice + Whittles

Disclaimer: I’m not an “outdoorsy” person by any means, so when you read this post, it’s coming from a place of understanding for anyone who’d rather be somewhere warm — including inside.

But since becoming parents, we’ve (self proclaiming) embraced a lot of things that aren’t exactly my jam. And for most, not all, of the time — I’m so happy about what the open mindedness has done for both my child’s growth and even more so, our own!


1 Feb 2019

Ember Mug, Review

I’ve been getting questions about this piece ever since I got it, and increasingly so since it’s begun making it’s way into Canadian retailers (such as Starbucks Canada). It’s this ceramic mug, from EMBER which also happens to be the world’s first temperature-control mug.

If you’re wondering what the hell that means, it’s essentially a technology incorporated/smart mug that can be controlled via set preferences and/or through your mobile device or smart phone.
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