11 Jan 2019

Sweats & Hi-Tops, Bump Style

If there’s one thing I can attest to, it’s the fact that getting up and getting ready can make the world of difference in how you feel — during pregnancy included. But some days, the options are limited and I really just can’t be bothered. And on those days, I pretty much reach for anything jogger style and layers that fit over the bump.


23 Dec 2018

New Year, New Everything

If you’ve long followed The OM Edit, or former ‘Peeks At Five Ft.’, then you know just how many “adventures” we’ve been on. That’s what I call them — our moves, team changes, free agency, last minute contract signing and everything in between like marriage itself, parenthood... you know.. adventures!

And while we love each new adventure as it comes, we of course have favourites. The next, easily finding it’s way into the top few.


8 Dec 2018

Responsible Brand: Brass Clothing

When it comes to brands and businesses these days, nothing excites me like innovative ideas and even more so — the little details. Which is why I just wanted to do up something quick about what Brass Clothing is doing that’s different than a lot of women’s wear brands and so up my alley, so maybe it’ll be your jam too.

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