10 Nov 2018

Solemates, With People Footwear

It’s obvious things have been rather slow and quiet around here lately, so it took a little bit before taking on any more partnerships and collaborations but I’m excited to have this one underway, to share a modern minded company and include another local favourite to my Responsible Brands Series. People, meet People Footwear.


7 Nov 2018

10 Children’s Book With Ethnic Diversity

I’ve been asked a couple times now if I intentionally choose books “of colour” for Rheo or where I find them, and while part of my answer is no (I choose books that represent him in any way: skin colour, crazy hair, adventurous spirits, frequent travels and so on) also HELL YEAH I DO! Majority of book selections on the shelves just about anywhere, favour one grouping. I’m a big advocate for the idea that representation plays a crucial role in children growing up with self love and understanding, so I make the extra effort to ensure he grows up on various types of media, inclusive of diversity (especially relatable to himself). Looking for some suggestions? I’ve rounded up a few of our personal favourites with characters of colour.


16 Sep 2018

Natural Trench Coat

So, colour isn’t my tool of choice. But I’ve come to realize that texture is! Over the summer I rekindled my personal love for both textures and textiles – with linens and natural fibres being my most favourite, especially for the warmer weather.

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