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18 Mar 2021

100-Night ENDY Review

It's been 100-days since we got our ENDY Twin (well, actually more because I slacked on getting this written) but because our experience was nothing short of positive though, we didn't need the timespan to change our mind.

If you aren't familiar with ENDY's policy, they offer a 100 Night Trial, providing customers over 3 months to test run their new ENDY and if they don't love it as much as hundreds of thousands of other Canadians, they have the opportunity to return it and have it donated where possible.

As mentioned, that was necessary for us because we were mostly satisfied. I say mostly because we found only one con, which really comes down to personal preference. This is our honest 100 Night Review of the ENDY mattress.

Delivery & Assembly:

Delivery was right to our doorstep and came within the week. The mattress is delivered, vacuum sealed and rolled into one large box. I moved the box in and around the house on my own although if you're lugging it up multiple sets of stairs, you might be best to have a second hand.

Assembly couldn't be easier. In fact we shared an unboxing video on Instagram here. When unrolled, the mattress essentially sets itself up. I would suggest laying in on the desire surface before rolling it out and allowing it to expand, to minimize having to move it (mattresses are of course an awkward move!)


We paired the mattress with the mattress topper (highly suggest for safe keeping your investment) available in each ENDY mattress size and the customizable pillows.

Pros & Cons:

We love that the mattress is comprised of various foam layers that shape to you without feeling as though you're sinking in. This has been great for our child who's a busy body even in his sleep.

The top layer of breathable foam is ideal for hot sleepers, as this keeps the mattress cool be it warmer weather her or just having a sweaty sleeper.

I'm a big fan of the removable, machine washable cover. This provides an easy zip-off way to wash the outer layer, especially if you don't opt for a protector.

The mattress is 10" thick of high quality, comforting materials. This is a premium especially in foam mattresses. This also happens to be our only con and like I mentioned, that comes down to personal preference. While we like the thick mattress for our (adult's) bed, it did make our son's bed a lot higher than it initially was. While this isn't detrimental, it's definitely something to consider if you already have a high bed frame for your little one. I wish they had a half thickness version of a twin for younger sleepers who might not even need all the goodness of such a thick mattress but ultimately we made frame changes to accommodate.

If you're in the market for mattresses for any or all of the family, I highly suggest checking out ENDY not only for their products but also in support of all that they're doing on the social responsibility front (see more about that here).

x, Olivia Murray


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