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12 Jan 2021

Life Lately

 I wish that I had something fun, exciting, or positive to say about "life lately" but it's still predominantly consisted of navigating and pivoting from life as we once knew it. It seems like any progress made over the course of the summer, only lasted long enough for some sweet (albeit still not typical) sunshine moments.

The pandemic is something that is shaking up the lives of everyone everywhere, but I know the restrictions set in place vary from region to region, city to city, and beyond. Here we are on lockdown, and as of today, preparing for a state of emergency beginning in less than 48 hours. Schooling is entirely remote (and a drag). Work is still increasingly hard to juggle, although I spoke it into the universe that it wouldn't hold me back this year.

I'm continually grateful for the environment we get to spend this time in and the presence of the kids who -- although can be a lot to manage some days -- are the reason we find joy, fun, and laughter regularly!

Been reading: CEREAL's latest release, volume 20.
Been listening to: Nothing substantial, just good ol' Spotify.
Been watching: Working Moms (series), Good Sam (Netflix film).
Been using: Svelty a new-to-me vegan cosmetics line, Woodlot's cleansing balm (very unique oil based facial cleaner that leaves your skin oily after wash, a must try IMO).
Been loving: Wander & Wonder's selection of educational tools and activities.
We are using them in between the curriculum guided by R's teachers via distance learning.
Also, living in ARQ base layers + FRANC basics = my W(everything)FH uniform.

I almost forgot in my complaining about lockdown life that the commercial and billboards we shot back in October came out. It's been an absolute thrill for the kids to watch the commercial, one too many times, if we're being honest. Definitely remains one of the highlights of the year past.


Stay safe and stay sane friends!

x, Olivia Murray


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