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28 Jan 2021

Brands We Love: Svelty Cosmetics

A priority goal for me this year is to shop in a way that's more supportive of my community (or communities, read more about that in this post). And one area that I felt I could do better in was in the realm of bathroom products. While some of my favourite wellness products are in fact Canadian made or based businesses, there are many that aren't. Where there's a suitable alternative, I want to try and find it.

Meet, Svelty. A vegan cosmetic and skincare brand, made in Canada. It's a new to me brand that I was introduced to by outreach. I don't like to make claims on being "obsessed" with something if I haven't truly got a feel for it, so I've been using their products for about a month now to really get a good feel for them.

I tested out both the Day Cream and Gold Serum from their "Mom Is A Queen" line. I figured product types I'm already familiar with, was a good place to start and I was not disappointed. I'm usually a die-hard serum and oils person, so I contemplated that being my favourite (also why I chose it). But while I do like the serum, I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed the day cream. So much so, that I'm grabbing the Night Cream as well.

A little about why Svelty is the kind of brand I would consider when looking to bring products into my home. First and usually foremost, I have small children. Not only do they like to mimic the lifestyle they see surrounding them but they also like to help themselves to things, every time we turn our back. What once seemed harmless in the way of traditional drug store products, slowly became more of a cause for concern with widespread information about the ingredients lurking in most formulas. I now strive to find relatively clean products for my own well being of course, but also because of them. Snuggles shouldn't expose them to chemicals.

Svelty products are made in small batches to ensure quality and are 100% cruelty-free. Natural ingredients are the main recipe for their products and a full list of ingredients is readily available under each product listing. Transparency is key, because even green-er products can contain ingredients that irritate some people (ex: many natural products include wheat products and aren't deemed "Celiac safe" safe for our little girl).

Check out their small, but full range of product offerings here, especially their "Mom Is A Queen" line and collection of Avocado Lipsticks.

x, Olivia Murray


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