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9 Dec 2019

Getting Festive With Tim Hortons

Like most fellow Canadians, we’ve been long time fans of Tim Horton’s. I mean, how do you even pretend otherwise? Needless to say we were excited when they approached us about being partners with them this holiday season.

As someone working freelance in a digital space, you kind of just want sponsorship. But when it’s a company you’ve long been a customer to and fun for your whole family? That’s a major win. And that’s exactly what we consider Tim Hortons.

I don’t know which of my guys had more fun taste testing the new holiday additions before they came out, but there wasn’t a crumb left. So yes — everything was that good.

For baked goods they have:
Reindeer donuts with red Timbit noses,
Ginger molasses filled cookies,
Cream cheese filled gingerbread muffins,
and traditional chocolate Swiss rolls.

For holiday beverages they have:
Peppermint hot chocolate – regular or white),
Gingerbread Lattes,
Gingerbread Tea Lattes (for non coffee drinkers),
and Gingerbread Iced Capps, all available in festively decorated cups.

And also available is a selection of merchandise, perfect for small gifting or stocking stuffers, such as:
Christmas tree ornaments,
Toques and mittens,
At home mugs,
Festive themed gift cards,
Holiday cards,
Tim Hortons flavoured candy canes,
and Tim Hortons tree ornaments.

The above mentioned are only available through the holiday season, so be sure to add the local Timmies to your list of stops this season.

This post is sponsored by Tim Hortons.

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