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14 Nov 2019

Simple Tips For Convenient Travel, With Amex Canada

Travelling with the kids is significantly harder than it was when we made moves solo and I’m talking trips near or far (lord knows even a road trip takes work these days). But because we consider these important moments, we continue to make sure adventure stays a part of our norm by doing a few things.

Preplan— last minute getaways are fun but a little harder now with more bodies to accommodate. I’ve become that mom who looks into every detail from transportation to and from the airport, every flight option and hotel or airbnb selection, to which of those accommodate kids easily or accept American Express.

Go lightly— no matter the mode of transportation, destination or duration, pack as light as possible. Every seasoned parent knows that the more you have hands for, the better. Don’t waste that with poor unnecessary things.

Organization over everything— in our household (by diaper bag default) mom has all the identification, first aid, and essentials. Placing the things you need somewhere with quick access and always on hand no matter the pit stop, seat change, or phase of check-in guarantees not having to rummage through every belonging to find something important in a hurry. The less stressful the trip, the more comfortable you become in going on them.

Skip the risk— from making sure you have travel insurance to making the most of priority check in or boarding (gone are the days of even daring to skip either) make your travel plans cater to you and not the other way around.

But parenthood comes with enough to remember, right? Well here’s a few ways the Amex Cobalt from American Express can help with that list:

  • In planning, check to see that your stops from gas stations to accommodations accept Amex since you can earn rewards points on just about all areas.

  • Use your Amex Cobalt to back you in the not so wonderful travel moments, like when your luggage gets lost or that flight you rushed for is delayed.

  • Consider yourself covered with car rental, hotel, accident and emergency medical insurance.

  • Have access to complimentary room upgrade upon check-in at participating hotels worldwide.

  • Earn 2x the points on eligible travel.

  • Earn 2x the points on eligible transit, from grabbing gas to grabbing a taxi. 

  • Earn 5x the points on eligible food and drink while tasting your way through new places.

  • And earn points for every dollar on other eligible purchases that can be redeemed on other travels via American Express Travel Online or flights through the Fixed Points Travel Program. 

Find all the details of the Amex Cobalt Card here and consider making an adventure out of this holiday season.

x, Olivia Murray

This post is sponsored by American Express Canada.

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