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27 May 2017

Wardrobe Staple: Quality Midi Dress

Summer weather and events are often what first come to mind when you think dresses, but that's so over and done with. Dresses are an all season affair. And what I love most is a basic dress, for it's simplicity and versatility.

This grey, 3/4 sleeve dress from Shannon Passero is the perfect piece for endless occasions. I love it because although it is a "basic", the quality is anything but. Made up of 75% vicose (a material that I absolutely love for it's coziness in wear but professional style) and a little spandex, this dress is a total comfort piece. 

With Mother Nature still undecided, throwing numerous cold days into a week's forecast, I paired it with some cropped, super skinnies here. Not only for something to go along with the weather, but I also love this look for more casual but still business based meetings. It's age appropriate, without being sloppy or unprofessional. Also, anything longline with heels is fine by me, because it elongates my 5'1"/5'2" frame.

Stay tuned for more of this collaboration and be sure to follow myself and Shannon on instagram (or Facebook) for more of her designs, curations, and stylings.

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