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4 Apr 2017

Brands We Love: OMY Design & Play

R's a total maniac when it comes to his room. I can't lie. Everything finds it's way on the wall. Crayons, markers, stickers, other random things he can manage. Needless to say he was over the moon when I told him that he could stick things all over his wall and bed frame, with OMY Design & Play.

We received a couple items from the France originating brand, but these fun wall stickers were easily his favourite from the jump. Designed in a local Parisian studio, these stickers were made to be stuck and unstuck a toddler appropriate amount of times. They're able to be repositioned on more than just walls - also for use on windows, books, or plastic dining ware. And that's exactly what we did with the City Stickers.

Disclaimer. Who's toddler really has a perfectly made bed? I made the bed in the morning as per usual and fixed it numerous times before shooting this. Can we just keep it real over here though? I had to leave it ruffled. And if you could see the re-arrangement of the stickers now, well, they're Picasso inspired. Thankfully, they can be reused so many times, I'm really not concerned about having to remove them from the fridge or computer every other day.

This post is in collaboration with OMY Design & Play (c/o).
All opinions and statements are truthfully mine and my family's own.

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