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17 Apr 2017

8 Health Inspiring Instagrams

The whole, "new year new me" mantra sounds good. I mean, really good. And everyone is about it the minute December comes. Goals are a key and crucial part of progression but unrealistic ideas or no inspiration behind them, often end up diminishing their existence.

I think it's safe to say that one of the biggest areas people swear they're going to improve in is health - be it their physical size or appearance, eating habits, or gym commitments. To be completely honest? I made none of those. But as someone who loves to cook and eat (I swear) in a healthier, greener manner - I seek inspiration on new things to try or educate myself on regularly. 

Since the online presence is bigger than ever, with resources readily at our fingertips, what better place to find all the inspiration and motivation you need (in any area). I'm sharing a few favourite accounts, that are sure to keep you wanting to try something new and eat healthy, everytime they appear on your feed.

1. Oh She Glows (@ohsheglows)

I love, love, love this account because I appreciate the story behind owner, Angela Liddon's, pursue of healthy living and also because we own the physical cookbooks to match. Oh She Glows is a total vegan haven. This is the account I find myself often tagging my husband in, hinting at the soon coming dinner. Added thumbs up? Even as a meat eater, he's loved every one we've tried as they're jam packed with new and exciting flavours or combinations.

2. Camille Styles (@camillestyles)

I'm a big fan of the lifestyle blog, Camille Styles. So it's no surprise I like the Instagram account. The account, not solely dedicated to foodie snaps, is a total lifestyle inspiration. While you will find a ton of kitchen related posts, it's an account that truly acts as a daly mantra to live better, take chances, and be the best version of you.

3. Last Ingredient (@lastingredient)

Run by self proclaimed food enthusiast, blogger Paige Adams, Last Ingredient is a destination for some serious food porn that would satisfy anyone. Not diet specific, this page contains a varying rage of food types, simply displayed on a white surface and as easily explained within the caption. If you're looking for simple, consistent, but good quality? This is your go-to.

4. Faring Well (@_faringwell)

Jessie Snyder of Faring Well, is a So-Call gal with wholesome plant based recipe. A page that brings a somewhat slow living vibe mixed with delicious food and pinterest worthy coffee snaps.

5. Pure Ella (@pure_ella)

Hands in the air for this Canadian based blogger and author. Having written the cookbook 'Cut The Sugar,' you know what you're going to get here. And if that's your downfall area? Then this is the page for you. Food doesn't have to be damaging to be desirable. A no-fail destination for the food and drink you want, but without the results you hate.

6. Choosing chia (@choosingchia)

Jess, of Choosing Chia, will not only fuel your desire for wholesome food but also kick your wanderlust into full gear. A page overflowing with too good to be true looking bowls, bright colours, and island inspiration. Choosing Chia is a fruit lovers paradise with the occasionally treat recipe.

7. Ellen Charlotte Marie (@ellencharlottemarie)

I love this account because it is so every day friendly. Ellen, author of 'One Healthy Family' offers one of the best selections of recipes. From family friendly lunch inspiration to desserts to Sunday smoothie recipes, this is one page to follow that can prove useful even for the chef who cooks for many.

8. Wholefoods (@wholefoods)

Not unfamiliar to many people, the increasingly well known healthy food market, has an instagram account that makes you want to get in the car and go there this minute. Featuring recipes and photographs from some of the best taste makers out there, Wholefoods is a one stop destination for connecting you to pages you wish you could find, inspiring you with information and education, as well as introducing you to the products you never knew you needed. While not an individual effort, this is still one of my favourite accounts to browse through when naptime is happening.

What are your favourite (healthy) foodie accounts?

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