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12 Apr 2017

Mini Style: Spring Neutrals

We're anxiously excited for the arrival of spring, like most, especially when it comes to putting away the winter wardrobe. We pulled out some new spring pieces the first chance we got, one warmer day last week. 

I'm madly in love with the colour palette of most of the new children's collections everywhere. They're earthy, but light and soft. Ecru, is probably my most favourite thing to put Rheo in right now. Mainly because white looks so nice on him, but he doesn't look so nice on white (I wish!) It gives that nice white shade but warmer -- and easier to wash. It also pairs easily with any fall or winter pieces that you might still have out, like we did here.

What are you loving more this season? The neutrals or the pastels?
Details: Ecru Top // Skinnies (old colour) // Sweater (on waist) // Creepers.

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