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16 Mar 2017

Detox Water

I recently posted to my instagram stories, a video of Rheo drinking detox water. I received a ton of responses about never thinking to give it to kids or questions regarding what was in it. I tried answering most of them, but decided to also share a quick once over about the topic.

So, to start - detox water is absolutely healthy and every bit safe for children. Reason being, it's essentially water and who is water not good for? What you infuse the water with is entirely your choice, so know what's good for, not good for, and how it benefits your individual self or child before recreating anything you ever see online. I never put any powders or oils in anything I give Rheo, just straight plants in their natural form.

The one I gave Rheo last week was to give him a little boost through these frequent dark and draining days, without all the sugars in juice and providing his body some beneficial components. His consisted of a single lemon slice, cucumbers, strawberries and a dash of chia seeds. 

While online you will find many things telling you this mix is for this, and that mix is for that (true) it really has to do with the individual benefits of the ingredients added. I've listed common infusers and their perks below, but the combinations are completely up to you based on what your body could call for and also what your taste preferences are, of course.

Berries - flushes toxins, high antioxidants (fights cancer).
Cucumber - fights inflammation, flushes toxins.
Lemon/Lime - aids digestion, boosts immune system, flushes toxins.
Orange - boosts immune system.
Watermelon - improves blood flow, flushes toxins.
Mint - eases stomach aches, helps lift mood/aid depressing feelings.
Basil - fights inflammation, antibacterial properties.
Ginger - fights inflammation, fights cold and flu, aids in joint pain and muscle cramps.
Cinnamon (stick) - strengthens metabolism, improves brain function.

Other known but less commonly used infusers include things such as apple, thyme, or honey. It really is, entirely up to you.

Consuming detox water is a good remedy for weight issues, bloating, skin problems, flushing common illnesses, a boost of vitamins or for people like myself - simply getting over a lack of love for water consumption (hello resolutions).

Small changes, can make a huge difference. And we'll drink to that.

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