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28 Mar 2017

Mock-Neck & Stripes

Another week, another struggle with the weather forecasting. I can't handle this anymore. The days start to warm up and I get excited about pulling out or shopping new pieces of the spring wardrobe and no sooner than I can complete my thoughts, I'll catch snow falling out the window.

My day-to-day wardrobe is totally autumn-esque right now because we're heading into the warmer seasons but still in desperate need of warmer type layers. And so, the colour palette is sadly still very reminiscent of the cold.

I happily dragged out a pair of flats to do a post office run the other day, but knew it was still going to be chilly (a girl can try, right?) so opted for this 3/4 sleeve mock neck - which I love so I'm happy I'm getting to squeeze a little more wear out of it. I love a good pop of details, so having to layer worked in favour off some added stripes.

Fingers crossed we can loose the woolies in the month to come, but, doubt it. Now would be a totally good time for my husband to look into teams in say, I don't know, Florida?

Shop the look via ShopStyle here.
Rheo detail's will be found in the upcoming "Mini Style" post.

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