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6 Jun 2016

Not Your Jeans

By now everyone is pretty familiar with the boyfriend-jean. The loose fit, low rise, slightly tapered ankle denim that swept every big name designer, trending brand name and popular store. While they're not going anywhere anytime soon (still dominating street style like it's nobody's business) there's a similar jean getting some love again - yes, again. The mom-jeans. Literally. The style your mother probably wore at some point growing up. They're back and they're making a serious statement. 

Much like the boyfriend-jean, they're a more comfortable style and lack any real shape or definition. By lack definition, I mean there is none. If you're trying to get some booty likes online, these aren't for you. The one defining difference between the boyfriend- and the mom- is the waist. The falling down, low rise waist of the boyfriend jean was replaced with a non-cotouring version of the high waist that's also been long trending.

Like any trend, you can commit entirely or pick a pair that mimics the style in a less definite way. I'm a big fan of denim - give me super skinnies for days, cool flares, a destroyed boyfriend or a washed out mother. Sounds like a reality show but seriously, I'm all about it. The boyfriend- and mom- jeans though, can definitely stay. A hybrid of the two is a for sure staple in my wardrobe. With so many style pairings and the carefree feel they bring to an outfit, I can mama all day and still go for date night with the quick switch of a shoe.

I've linked some boyfriend-jean (styled below) favourites, owned or coveted: here.

Plus a few mom-jean (styled below) top picks: here.  

Cozily wandered around our still seemingly new setting the other day, finding unique houses and wall art in the utmost laid back style. I paired some destroyed boy denims (might as well be sweats they're so easy breezy) with classic lace-up espadrilles and a plain tee. Rheo co-ordinated in bermudas, classic moccs, and a matching paint splattered tee (which I absolutely love on him). Lately I have been thinking endlessly how detrimental lack of creativity is. Some say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I beg to differ. There's a very destinctive line between copying and being inspired by. I hope that Rheo will grow to be inspired by many but feel the need to copy none. We try to let him find ways of expression even at such a young age (Montessori based play has been highly encouraging of that) and being an artsy-type myself, promote art through sight or trial in his day. If I don't live and breathe individuality of some sort, will he grow to believe his soul has to be colour-by-numbers? Not everyone is an "artist," so to speak but everyone possesses their own uniqueness that should always be lived out proudly.

Espadrilles | Denim (similar here) | Tee (under $10) | Saddle Bag (similar).
Moccasins | Bermudas | "Create" Tee | Toy (puppy is IKEA) | Baby Sunnies.

How do you encourage your little one to be creative, expressive, or imaginative? 
I would love to hear from you in the post comments or blog email.

Accept who you are and revel in it!
XO, Olivia Murray.
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