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21 Feb 2016

Instagram Lately

More often than not, I get lazy and skip the blog posts (occasionally skip linking the details via ShopStyle) and just do a quick caption and upload. Also, I get a ton of questions about some of the things on my instagram from this seeing it via sharing instead of on the platform itself - so I've decided to jump on board with doing monthly (ideally) round ups of what's been on my instagram account with full details, shopping links, background stories etc.

Rheo's begun to represent and model for some kid brands - including this one, Posh & Cozy, that's been frequently featured on my profile. It's a Canadian brand truly designed with kids in mind. Although we have more products to showcase (like the slouchy toque and reversible bibdana) these are easily his new favourite pants.

Full post coming, but this was featuring my new favourite beauty product. Even cuter? The model all over the JOE site, is a childhood friend of mine.

My always-tine. Details: Rheo's in head to toe BABY GAP (purchased while expecting).

Details: HEELS | JEANS (self made) | CAPE (on major sale now). Full post: HERE.

Library dates call for flats. Details: SNEAKS | PANTS | COAT | CAP (this season's).

Embracing the cold weather. Details: (Rheo) SNOWSUIT + BEANIE | (Myself) TOQUE + SWEATER + PARKA.

Corners of our home. Details: WINNERS find but similar HERE + HERE (under $20) + HERE.

Snippets from our wedding day. Photo courtesy of CANDID J PHOTOGRAPHY.

Every day's an adventure.

Our sweet boy is half-way to a year old.

There's definitely a lot more activity on my social media platforms, so find me here on: INSTAGRAMPINTEREST, or snapchat (name: Olivia but mostly Rheo // handle: @peeksatfiveft).

As usual thank you for reading along and sharing in our moments.

XO, Olivia Murray.

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