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10 Feb 2016

Capes x Skinnies

I jump on the oversized outerwear trend every single winter, but when I saw this season's capes and ponchos, I was a little extra excited. I spotted this exact cape on a couple big time fashion bloggers and fell in love each time. Contemplating whether I needed it and what it's practicality level was, was almost irrelevant. I just had to have it. Let me start by saying this - best, best, BEST decision. 

It's ridiculously comfortable! It isn't scratchy in material and is heavy enough that if layered appropriately I can skip the heavy coat wearing. Also, this exact one comes in a few other options and has many similar items to itself. It's extremely versatile as it can easily be dressed up or down and interchangeable with so many varying choices of tops and bottoms.

The way I styled it here mocked how I wore it for a casual-chic game night. I usually wear some form of jeans (casual) and booties or heels (chic, and heels so people don't realize my height next to my 6'5" husband) for the games. A plain white tee and whispy chignon (not as done in these pictures) kept it super classic and cape posing as the perfect cold weather/cold venue addition to pull it all together.

It also made for a "cool mom" outfit. Hey! Who said you have to be sloppy because you've got a baby? Still very sensible, although people may debate the heels, a done up denim outfit almost always coincides with parenting. Nothing worse than being held back because your clothes are too restraining or not throw-up resistant. Plain tees dressed up have become one of my mama go-to styles. And these jeans? Priceless. Well, at some point they cost me something but they were a pair I had planned to toss. They'd started to warp and lose colour in places of movement but I decided to give them a second chance at life, even if it's just an extra month or two. Another care not factor? There's NOTHING Rheo could do to ruin them and that kind of makes me re-appreciate them. 

I will be sharing my tips for distressing and DIY-ing jeans in an upcoming post, because let's be real, who doesn't want to stretch their relationship with a denim they once had a love affair with or have a "new" pair to wear for whatever the amount of time before really saying goodbye. In the meanwhile, I've linked all the items details below including the perfect inexpensive jeans for DIY-ing and similar looking, already done ones.

Cape: ILY Couture (on major discount), also available here. | Tee: GAP. | Jeans: perfect for DIY-ing herehere, and here or similar already done here and here. | Heels: Steve Madden. | Rings: my own. | Bracelets: Kate Spade, in-stores only. Others are Coach and Olive + Piper, no longer available. | Earrings: Olive + Piper. | Lips: NARS.

Here's to all the mamas in the place, with style and grace.

XO, Olivia Murray.

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