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4 Nov 2015

Scream For Halloween

In all honesty, I'm not a big Halloween person. Aside from my childhood, I can't say I ever really was. But since becoming a parent, it's made it onto my long and seemingly always growing list of "exciting all over again" parts of life. I was so looking forward to this occasion that I went cray-cray on pinterest (doesn't require much arm twisting) for mommy and me costumes. I literally searched up everything, right down to costumes incorporating baby wraps and/or carriers. I probably pinned enough to cover having 5 kids...and take them through to adulthood! Some were seemingly not attainable, but power to all the stay at home moms who post unrealistic goals for the rest of us on there. Others my husband wouldn't ever agree to do, even if I promised to do all his laundry, cook all his meals, and let him watch NBA games all day every day. So they continue to sit in my hidden idea boards. While out searching for winter baby accessories one day, I saw the cutest little skeleton 'jamas. Rhe, although he's grown a ton, was still quite small for the selection of costumes that flooded most of the stores so, I decided that was that - he would wear this little onesie and be a skeleton. Rather unimpressed with my idea, I told myself it didn't really matter - after all, it's not like we would actually be "going out" this year anyways. I would just wear something cozy, put his cute little bones on, and greet trick-or-treaters like cute little moms are supposed to do.

Well, fast forward to more pinterest. Halloween makeup ideas started surfacing my feed and I decided that our whole family would be skeletons because, well, now I was really beginning to think I was a professional makeup artist and could pull of such things. Skeletons times three. Or "til death do us part" as I dubbed it. 

This was the final outcome. Rheo was snuggled up in his "costume", I did the makeup on both my husband and I, and the outfits were simply pieces from our closet. My husband just put together a formal menswear attire with a peacoat and I tossed on a chunky knit, leather jacket and tulle skirt (everyone has those in their closet, no?) with some classic pumpsEven my husband was getting so into it. I kid you not, he had me fix his makeup numerous times! We enjoyed it all a little too much. Probably more than the kids. Needless to say I'm already preparing for next year and may need intervention by than. But seriously.

Now onto Thanksgiving (part 2) and Christmas.

Cheers to the start of festivity season.
XO, Olivia Murray.

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