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10 Oct 2015

Integrate Thanks

I'm not Scrooge. I like the holidays. Love them actually. And that includes Thanksgiving. While the idea is all warm and fuzzy, it's always been a little odd to me however. That one day a year (two if you're like me and double dip the American and Canadian holidays as well), to shout about how or what we're thankful for. By all means, get excited. But in this fast paced world we live in – it sometimes becomes okay to over look things we really should give thanks for, so today I decided to do a quick post on 5 easy ways (either acquired through experience or gifted lessons) to make giving thanks a part of your day.

1. Comparison. For the better. Now, this isn't saying to think you are better than others, but rather to take into consideration the old saying: “someone always has it worse.”

2. Review. Find three parts of your day that you're happy you experienced and be thankful for them at night's end. (Mine tend to be repeat offenders but hey, I'm just extra thankful for them I guess!)

3. Nothing lasts forever. If tomorrow you woke up and the only things you had were the ones you gave thanks for today, how many blessings would you count?

4. Currently. If you're reading this, you woke up with a beat in your heart and air in your lungs. Need I say more? Well, this also means you live in a country where you have the freedom to use technology and social means as you so desire. And for this very moment, you have free time – a thing I myself admit to taking for granted until parenthood.

5. Surroundings. Look around you. Chances are there's someone or something in your vicinity that you love and/or cherish. If they're not right beside you, they're on your last calls or recent messages, you have a picture of it or them, or said thing crosses your mind when you've got nothing else to do. Boom! Probably worth noting thanks for.

I've learned this past year to be thankful for even the things that might drive you crazy. Having embarrassing photos shared on Facebook beats having no parents at all (extra thankful for mine, as my mother started a battle against cancer last year!) Spit up on an overpriced top? Just means you're lucky enough to have a sweet little replica of you (mom life really makes you accept all kinds of new things you normally wouldn't let slide.) Chores? Indicates you have a roof over your head. Need to walk the dog, run to the grocery store, or take public transportation for the day? An unfriendly reminder that you're well and able. How lucky!

I hope all that you're thankful for remains in your life and that the following year brings additional items to add to your list.

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!
XO, Olivia Murray.

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