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19 Mar 2019

Easy Eating, With Catelli Pasta

Raising a plant-based child, with proper nutrition and satiation, can be tricky some days. But that’s why we have go-to meals that are not only consistently toddler approved, but also quick and require basic items from your average grocery store.

The formula is simple:
Basing high protein add-ins with a whole grain rice or pasta.

We usually opt for pairings and toppings that are fool proof with our son like: cooked sweet potato – 5g protein per cup (delicious with a bit of rose sauce), peas – 8g protein per cup (excellent in mac’n’cheese style dishes), steamed cauliflower or *broccoli – *more protein per calorie than steak, or even chickpeas in cold pastas (see below).

Topping dishes with things such as nut-based sauces and “parmesan” alternatives, pumpkin seeds, cooked lentils, raw spinach, or a half avocado are a tasty helping hand too.

In addition, choosing pasta like Catelli Ancient Grains covers 75% of the daily recommended whole grains servings and 32% of that for fibre or Catelli Smart which is their high fibre, low sodium, no cholesterol offering — makes sure we’re getting all that we can out of one dish.

Dot romper, from Sēm Label.
(Ethically, sustainably made in Canada).
This post is in partnership with Catelli Pasta.

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