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10 Nov 2018

Solemates, With People Footwear

It’s obvious things have been rather slow and quiet around here lately, so it took a little bit before taking on any more partnerships and collaborations but I’m excited to have this one underway, to share a modern minded company and include another local favourite to my Responsible Brands Series. People, meet People Footwear.

I mentioned before that shoes were kind of my area of struggle in finding an array of responsible (in any way) options. And while it’s still a little harder to get your hands on something that meets any ethical, sustainable, vegan checkmark and style preference — it’s not impossible and thankfully a growing thing. 

People Footwear are innovators in merging style and design, and while not considered sustainable, all footwear is produced though high-tech manufacturing and completely vegan.

On top of their own unique designs, they have shoes noting similar style to some of the most trending looks at the moment – including Converse and Adidas – but, cruelty free.

I went with the Waldo. A style I like in other brands, including Adidas, only these ones are super breathable and lightweight with a mesh upper and memory foam footbed. 

But even cooler? Their little kid shoes. I usually love a good matchy matchy moment when possible, however, the Cypress Kids was such a unique design to me – I couldn’t resist. They feature an insulated upper and no tie laces, both things that are killer details yet hard to find in the average toddler shoe. I knew these would be a perfect transitional shoe for late fall days or cold nights out. And to top it off, the colour ways like the Treetop Camo (we picked), Green Cactus, and Rainbro – in addition to solids – are such fun options!

You can find all the options for the Cypress Kids, here. Additional colours of my Waldo, are available here and the shoe also comes in a knit version (how cozy!) with it’s own individual colour blends, here.

More feet to foot the shopping for? Dive #FeetFirstIntoTheFuture with People and check out their line for the entire family, today.

This post is in partnership with People Footwear.
All views and opinions remain that of my own.

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