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9 May 2017

Spring Whites + Toddler Life

Spring weather is finally here (knock on wood) and I'm so excited to drop some of the heavier layers. Next to fall, spring is my favourite season. I guess because both are transitional and I love being able to mix and match warm/cool pieces rather then have to completely bundle up or strip down to manage with the weather.

However, whatever the weather, there's one thing that's consistent in my wardrobe and that's basics. That being said, they don't differ that much aside from material. Of my go to basics for spring, I'm wearing 3 of them in one outfit here: a striped tee (although it's not been quite warm enough for the short sleeve version/s), a denim jacket - lighter denim makes for a more spring favoured style, and a quality white jean - nothing worse than a cheap white jean, that doesn't wear or wash well and then your money goes down the drain.

I'm even happy to see R in some lighter coloured denim and whites, as scary as white with a toddler may seem. It just looks and feels fresh. Tip: when it comes to white tees, I find well made ones but on sale and load up. Again, cheap ones tend to look dingy after a wash or two but I don't want to drop dollar dollar bills on something that's destined to face disaster sooner or later and I love how fresh white looks on him.

Mama: Striped Tee // White Jeans (these, 70% off) // Denim Jacket // Classic Ballet Flats (under $30).
Toddler: Tee (this print sold out, more here) // Light Wash Denim // Sneakers.

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