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21 Oct 2016

Mommy Melancholy

The first phase of motherhood for me, while it seemed to just come fairly easy, threw me way out of my normal habits and routine. I somewhat lost a little bit of the smaller things which in accumulation made me, me. I was usually a very busy, sassy, dressed and caffeinated person. But life started to slow down and sure enough with that, other things began to dissipate as well. R is now a year old and I've never felt more on the path to my old self, than in the last couple months. Now getting back into the swing of things, I realized I could have made the progression a lot sooner if I had realized and tended to a few things that really get you giving up or feeling powered up. 

I want my child to see a mother who DOES, not a mother who thinks she can't and blames it on parenthood. Sharing 7 ways I avoid melancholy and stay going below.

1. Are you hydrated?

It's hard to take care of a human entirely dependant on you and remember to water your own system but it's so important. The difference in a day where you've remembered to drink water (and other things - juice or coffee, hell yeah) is major. Without hydration you become sluggish, whether you realize it or not. 

2. Have you eaten?

Probably (what was) my biggest downfall. I would get to the end of the day and feel complete exhaustion, not realizing that I've consumed the equivalent of one meal all day. Once we had an eater on hand, I started making slightly bigger meals that I could share. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner (especially now that he's self feeding) is a time for us to both stop and eat.

3. Are you dressed confidently?

Confidently doesn't mean done to the nines. Are you dressed appropriately for the occasion or activity (library, park, coffee date)? Are you dressed for the weather? Are you comfortable both physically and consciously? Do you like what you're wearing versus giving up and wearing whatever? Clothes aren't everything, no doubt. But feeling as though you're presentable and sensibly dressed makes a big difference in how you feel about your SELF.

4. Have you listened to your favourite playlist?

Music is good for the soul! Simple. Favourite song? Like me and have a couple hundred? Make a playlist, get it pumping, and sing/work/get ready along to it to start the day. You'll be surprised what a better mood can be brought on by.

5. Have you connected?

Did you speak to a relative or friend today? Have you connected with your "mom tribe" online, in playgroup, or at the park? Motherhood was not designed to be a constant peachy adventure. I strive to talk to both a non-mom and mom friend on the daily - one to talk about something other than children things and one to have someone to mutually relate with. It's important to not be completely isolated throughout the day. Loneliness is a no helping hand in motivation.

6. Have you been inspired?

Did something make you feel strong or encouraged today? Maybe a motivational talk show, favoured magazine, or even social media. Find something every day that inspires you or pushes you to keep going, dream, try something new, or remind you that you're doing the best you can.

7. Have you hugged your child today?

One of the most important things. Nobody sees you like the way your child does. On good days or bad, you're the star of the show each and every day. Hug your child. Remember that you're the greatest thing to them, that they're a big reason why you do what you do, that you've never worn anything so precious around your neck as their arms.

Details: (mama) chambray top | chinos | leather tote diaper bag | boots
(babe) "humankind: be both" tee | bandana bib | khakis | sneakers 

What helps you be able to say, "actually I can" each day?

XO, Olivia Murray. 

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