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8 Aug 2016

Naming Baby Murray

We often get questions about Rheo's name; from pronunciation and the spelling, or where we found such a name and was it hard choosing it. When it comes down to it, I don't feel like it was hard deciding because we didn't find the name, it found us. No seriously. It all started on our wedding night. (This is PG, I promise). The minister that married us had a tradition of giving the bride and groom their first gift. Something loved and local. So we decided that night to open that and only that gift. To my absolute joy it was a box of gourmet truffles and smoothies from a chocolatier I was already in love with, Rhéo Thompson. Every piece is like heaven melting in your mouth but that could fill an entire other post. As we stared at the chocolates, almost too good to eat my husband asks "what's Rheo Thompson anyway?" I explained to him that it was the original chocolatier, his name. We looked at each other and smiled. It was clear we were both taken by it but proceeded to eat chocolates as one must do.

Fast forward to our baby moon, in an über with a super cool driver and exchanging life stories. He tells us all about how marriage and children are both amazing and not to be discouraged by the world's changing take on all that. As only an über driver would do, he reached into a little dish he had and handed us each a gem stone – a "gift" from his home, straight out of the tropicals of Rio de Janeiro. Making wide eyes at each other in the back seat, we accepted the stones and caught our flight quite smitten about the occurrence.

On the other side of that flight we would end up walking beachside between the mountains of beautiful Whistler and meet a man and his dog from Ontario. Naturally, we had to stop and talk. I mean, what are the odds. After some short conversation, we find our manners and introduce ourselves, in which we got in return "I'm Rheo." You guys! I'm shocked even rethinking about it. My husband asks him if he spells it "R-i-o," and he tells us "no it's actually R-h-e-o." Like, shut up! No way! It was pretty much decided then and there that our baby's name was found in a box of gourmet chocolates, a unique über ride and the most stunning of mountains.

So we found a name but my, my is it ever uncommon! We didn't care. It was meant to be. But how often would people spell it like the place? When would we ever find an ugly cup in his name? What would people (kids) say? Taking that all into account but in love with the name, I sought out companies that do name customization. And believe me, I didn't stop until I found plenty. Once I did, it was set. Rheo it would be.

One of my most favourite items was gifted after his earth-side arrival. A book, The Boy Who Lost Him Name. A pre-set story line with fill ins based on each letter of the given name. In search for the lost name, the character has to find every composing letter and each has a story attached. It's a beautifully illustrated, thick paged book that every kid with a unique name or different spelling just HAS to have. Common name? Traditional spelling? Still great for helping your kid learn the make up of their name.

We truly love it so much, myself and the creators of Lost My Name are helping you get a copy in your hands for less. Using my link (HERE) you can get a discount and have one on it's way to you ASAP. It's a great keepsake for personal having or one-off gift for someone else. The premise of encouraging children that their name is a part of this world too, no matter how differently spelt, cultural or unheard of, is absolutely genius to me!

A few of my other favourite Rheo incorporated products are included below:

Little Lizard - (swaddle pictured) and other custom pieces. 
Kat & Stiina - The infamous black, "Rheo" handstamped blanket we bring just about everywhere.
Name Puzzle - Old school, wooden puzzles, made up of your child's name. (*Canadian).
Bannor Toys - From rattles, to blocks, to stacking toys, Bannor Toys is a family run company handcrafting toys with included customization.

Here's to littles everywhere feeling big, brave and significantly unique.

Don't miss out on this opportunity and stay authentic!

XO, Olivia Murray.
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