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19 Aug 2016

Canadian Tuxedo

I've always been a lover of jeans but ever since welcoming Rheo into the world, denim has more or less been my second skin. The past year has definitely had way more basic jean and a plain tee than should ever be allowed on one human being but it's called "survival" people. 

However, as he does get older (and spits up less) I feel better about getting back into my old style. The denim's not going anywhere though! I'm currently obsessed with the always classic, Canadian tuxedo or as pinterest calls it, "denim-on-denim." You either love or hate this trend. Some people think it's overly retro and should stay in the past, while some people find a way to re-vamp it differently by the week. Me? I'm somewhere in-between. It definitely does have a slight "my mom's teenage photos" vibe to it, but I love the versatility. What doesn't go with denim? And when you're wearing it top to bottom, I mean, come on. 

There are few easier outfit pairings than that consisting of classics. I can pair it with flats and barrel curls for a date to the coffee shop with my laptop and agenda or switch it up with a bold lip and sassy heel for date night. It's even parenthood friendly. I styled an oversized button-up with high-waisted, crop skinnies for a day of errands (finding little organic markets) with the boys. Nautical inspired sling backs made it out for adventures with Rheo and classic back patent pumps had old me feeling a little Selena (and tall, which is so crucial in my life).

This is one trend I will be dragging out of summer and right into fall with me.

Side note. Know a hip and happening organic spot in Toronto? You know where to reach me and currently accepting all suggestions. Follow along on pinterest for more inspiration (or haring of) in either departments.

Outfit details: Top | Skinnies | Heels | Necklace (small business).
Rheo details: Romper | Organic Bamboo Swaddle (small business).

XO, Olivia Murray!

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