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16 Sept 2015

Renewed Appreciation

It's astonishing really, how a single change of events can alter your whole perspective and appreciation in life. 20% of my day is spent doing typical mommy duties (feeds, burping, diaper changes, bathtime, playing with toys like a fool to entertain a baby who's too young to care). 10% cherishing something as simple as snuggles. 10% doing tasks and errands faster than I ever have before because, well, I never know when my "buzzer's up" in regards to "sleep time." 10% stopping whatever outing I'm on to allow elderly women to fuss over or touch Rheo's hair (no, seriously though!) And I can easily say that 50% is spent re-living life through our son's viewpoint. Things I would normally pass by become a point of interest all over again. Moments in the day that seemed to have no meaning, all of a sudden do. Songs that I could hardly remember from my own childhood, all seem to come back - bringing a feeling of success and instant joy to me, entertainment and laughter to my husband.

Parenthood has come with all kinds of lessons, testing patience and calling on our teamwork like never before. But above all else, I've found it to evoke a whole other type of gratitude for aspects both big and small in life. While our little one is still very much at a stage where he doesn't know half of what's going on, the reminder that in a child's eyes everything is new and nothing is wrong - poses a restoring thought to have each day.

Even if you're not a new parent! To consider how the world looks through the eyes of those who've never experienced it quite like you have - for whatever reason - can be one of the most beneficial and refreshing mindsets to posses.

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Enjoy the little things (and people) in life. For one day you'll look back and realize they were big.

XO, Olivia Murray.

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