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28 Sept 2015

Layered Denim

Fall has literally just arrived. And while it isn't exactly time to pull out the parkas, I'm not sad to be jumping into the cozier clothes that accompany the colder weather. The early weeks of a new season are generally all over the place as far as wardrobes are concerned, and I've taken this as my cue to start layering and bringing out some heavier materials. I'm a generally cold person, naturally making me a sweater lover. I can never get enough of autumn trends, however, the temperatures haven't quite dropped enough for most of them so I've been opting to merge a selection of pieces from all seasons to create looks that are much like mother nature right now. Transitional. For the time being, the turtlenecks - which I adore, can stay hidden in the closet...or out of my shopping cart...but I was all too happy to bring out the knits on recent outside days with my son. (*Who doesn't like to be apart from me, hence why he ends up in all of my photos by default, even if he's sleeping! Not because we drag him into it unwillingly!)

Below, you can shop the look or sign up for ShopStyle, a social media affiliate platform allowing you to shop almost any look you see on my instagram feed (like the one here for this blog post):

Once signed up, you can like any photo on all of instagram (also available for your favourite YouTubers) with a "shopstyleit" link or "#shopstyle" hashtag, and receive details plus shoppable emails directly to your inbox.

Shoes: Pour La Victoire, last season's (current here). | Skinnies: Gap. | Denim top: maternity, (non-maternity version and similar here). | Sweater: TopShop. | Sunglasses: Chicwish. | Lips: Bobbi Brown (spiced wine).

Layer up and enjoy the changing seasons!
XO, Olivia Murray.

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