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14 Feb 2015

Valentines. | Announcement.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! This entire holiday season I have been exceptionally grateful, completely full of both blessings and bliss. It was consumed with the appreciation of presence over presents and loads of love, versus long lists of wants or to-do's. As some people have noticed by my decreased wear of tight super-skinnies and like-never-before appetite, we received an extra special gift this year. And for those who hadn't already caught on, you can tell by below's "life currently" reenactment that we are preparing for an addition to our little family - something which we couldn't be happier, more excited about or have a deeper thanks for.

Valentine's Day is a holiday that originally came about honouring St. Valentine's work in the name of love and Christ. (A man who against law, allowed young couples to be married in the church, despite the idea that unwed soldiers fought better than those married). To date, the day is generally overlooked and blinded by consumerism or material love. However! We couldn't help but feel that as a young couple ourselves, set to wed this May, and alongside our families - absolutely overflowing with love - that it was the perfect day to wait until for sharing our news.

Be it friends, family, or significant others;
I hope everyone's day is filled with hugs or kisses, laughs or butterflies.

Love and be loved.
XO, V.

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