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12 Jan 2015

DIY. | 7 Lucky Life (Clothing) Savers

The same way "nothing haunts us like the clothes we didn't buy," nothing ruins your blood pressure quite like a stain on the ones you already caved and did. There's hundreds, probably thousands, of cleaners on the market these days and if you have a go-to than that's perfect. But if you're anything like me you've wasted $5 here and $7 there on ones that don't get the job done and then sit there collecting dust afterwards. A majority of them also contain chemicals, more often than not, toxins. If you're expecting, have little ones or pets, are tired of throwing away money on chemicals, prefer to be eco-conscious or are a bit of a home body? Than this here is for you. It also saves you having to work a run to the store into your already busy schedule, so listen up!

1. When life hands you lemons, demolish your sweat stains.

What makes you cringe more? Tasting lemon juice or sweat stains? Good news. You don't have to taste it but if you use equal parts that and water, consider yourself golden.

2. Leather (vs) Oil.

Vinegar isn't the only thing that doesn't mix with oil. If you have oil based beauty products or are a fashionable kitchen queen, then you know that leather doesn't mesh either. Nothing a little baby powder can't fix - or soak up for that matter.

3. Wine. And a side of wine.

What's better than wine? More wine, right? Right. Spilling even so much as a drop of red wine on any outfit seems devastating. But don't fret. Why not add a little more. A dash of white will dilute the stain, making it easier to wash out later. Still worried? A sprinkle                                                                      of salt will prevent it from setting in. 

4. Signed, sealed, delivered and milked?

Got an ink stain? You don't have to worry about running all over town to find this one. It's more likely than not, already in your fridge. Milk. Soak. Rub. Wash (Rinse).

5. Double D's.

You're in a hurry to get ready, you want to smell just as on point as you look and your deodorant is - damn! On your outfit. An old wive's tale says to rub pantyhose on the mark but let's be real, very few us have a collection of pantyhose in our closets so an updated tip relevant to what our wardrobes do consist of? Jeans. Rub denim over the mark and voila.

6. I'll have a grande black, one baking soda, one peroxide.

We all throw coffee on ourselves in excitement and/or frustration sometimes. Okay, maybe I'm the only one in the excitement boat but you catch my drift. Mixing household products such as hydrogen peroxide and a dash of baking soda in a paste, will prevent and help remove the the harsh staining of coffee without breaking down the threads in your clothes. Don't have those on hand? A spoon of white vinegar mixed into a glass or two of chilled water can also work, a little less efficiently unless tossed into washer with said mix as soon as possible!

7. Martha by day, diva by night?

Be sure to save some of your soirée recipe ingredients (like baking soda) incase things get a tad too giggly and you end up with that ever so dark Matte Gunner by M.A.C. or Chanel's Rouge Allure on your crisp little number. A sprinkle of that on the mark (cornstarch will also get the job done) and a hot iron, a couple times over and washed off will restore your piece without any damage or a dry cleaner's bill.

I hope these tips pose as helpful in your life or at least make you Nancy-Know-It-All.

Regardless, stay fabulous. Peeks At Five Ft.

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