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24 Dec 2014

Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve! A holiday in itself. While for religious people, tomorrow is the all mighty day, tonight is pretty special as well because if you look around you, you'll see that you are already lucky, blessed, and presented with gifts. The ones that have no price tag. The ones that have no ribbons. The ones that have no bragging points on instagram. 

I know that #hedidwell will be trending on social media first thing tomorrow morning but it should be trending NOW because yes he did! How amazing it is, the lives that we lead full of freedom and adventure, rights, love, material things coming out our ***es, friends a plenty, family living surpass their years. For myself and many of the people dear to me - I see marriages and babies, promotions and cross the globe moves. I mean, can you imagine anything else so lucky as that? I'm just as excited about the handful of brownies I will be swallowing shamelessly tomorrow, the surprises that will be unwrapped, and the completely overplayed songs I will be running around singing just like the next person. Hello! We're only human. But. let's make a holiday out of today and appreciate the little treasures we've already been given.

Sweater: Cynthia Rowley 
Booties: Pour La Victoire (no longer available, shop current collection).

Enjoy your high carb meals, lengthy card messages that grandma will make you read aloud, and Michael Kors watches. But above all be safe, stay grateful, and Merry Christmas everyone.

♛ Happy Holidays, Peeks At Five Ft.

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