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7 Dec 2014

Crisis And Carry-Ons (aka My Introduction)

Just this year I have packed for: Johannesburg (South Africa), Paris (France) three times, London (England) twice, Milan (Italy) twice, as well as Rome, Naples, and Amalfi (Italy) Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami (USA) numerous times, Montréal (Quebec) and an abundance of visits to Ottawa, Toronto, London (in my home province of Ontario).

Airports? I could do with my eyes closed. (Airport 101 and gift guide coming soon). Packing? No problem. Except. I left out one trip! Which, like some other destinations, will too be getting a double check for visits. It also happens to be the one trip I absolutely cannot seem to prepare for. 

It's not the language or the food – my usual struggle with being a herbivore. It's not the climate – New York has a full blown four seasons. It's not the people, geographical location, culture or customs. Nope. It's the name! Silly, right? Why would the name of a city, region, or country cause me any issues in packing and preparing? It doesn't. I've been to places *cough, Poland* where I can't even pronounce the city I'm in's name for the life of me.

* FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: beaches of Cape Town, Johannesburg airport, Louvre Museum of Paris, “Chanel Boulevard” from Paris Fashion Week, National History Museum of London UK, Portovenere on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, Korean zen restaurant and spa in Malibu (via instagram: 

But see, this place – could be literally anywhere in the world and I would still call it the same thing.


Will skip the whole low-down on my relationship because two reasons:

1. Yawn! I hate being on the opposite side.
2. We – more so my partner – are private people.

But! Ever since day one, my bigger half  has been playing with balls professionally. (Might be in trouble for that one). And I, although my level of position has gone up, have been working in the fashion industry's public relations. We both consider ourselves extremely blessed to hold “jobs” that we rarely even consider “work,” jobs we love. There's just one minor flaw in the whole scheme. Both our careers involve a fair amount of traveling and/or relocation – myself more with the overseas traveling and him with the cross nation relocation. The schedules are hectic and at times demanding, destinations are varying, and the hours are unpredictable. Now, I'm not here to do the whole “sports wife life” complaint. It brings me much joy and pride to watch someone I love acting on their passion (aside from me, obviously) and making a living from it. However! After being asked to become his wife this past spring, with a 6 month countdown to “I do's” – the idea of change has been prominent to say at least.

I'm not a feminist! I'm also not a believer of being a “yes woman.” I think there is a middle grounds in everything, a moderation point we wavered on for months now. There is a saying: “Are you willing to give up what you love for who you love?” Well, no! And that's not being disrespectful. That's me being honest. Women are working very hard to obtain their dream jobs or hold a life full of successes on their own. I like to consider myself one of them. There's also a whole new world of career options though and in whichever field you belong to – mine especially! A factor I was always aware of but never payed much mind to for myself. Until recently. I wanted to keep my job and stay in my industry, but wanted to be where my soon-to-be husband was doing likewise. And so my struggle begins. 

Not with a decision. Hello? The decision was simple. (I leave for the season in one week!) A leave of absence from my in-office duties and work from home for the season (reverting to occasional PR girl, my company and select close brand partners sponsor this blog incase you were wondering who let me start writing and yes real lifestyle posts to come, as well as opening the boutique online this month – all accommodated to be managed and ran from the comfort of whichever city he is signed with to). The struggle is packing! How does one even begin when your location is: whatever the front of his jersey says? A potentially ever changing set of coordinates. Oh, did I mention that this season we'll be in Canada and I'm moving in the winter? Smooth timing choice.

I'm told to “pack realistically.” So, does that means I bring or leave my usual 6" high footwear of choice? (Let's be real. It's basketball season not recess, I need them!) I have had suitcases open, in the walk in closet, hallway, and bedroom for a solid 3 weeks. They've been: packed, unpacked, and “wait, I don't need a skin-tight, latex, mini skirt.” 

This happens on an every other day basis and I'm running out of time! While nobody can help me dim down the princess and start thinking practical, I (we) want to thank everyone who has refrained from slapping us in this process. Especially our mothers. As well as my company, sponsors, design team, and his management in helping us make a last minute move, providing a warm welcome/goodbye, and aiding us in keeping as much of our routine as possible!

If you have even half the dilemmas that I do, I'll be sharing with you my must-haves and gift guide for the frequent flyer, mover and shakers, or happy travelers next week. Until then stay warm and (fellow American friends) enjoy the holidays!

– Peeks At Five Ft. 
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