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19 Nov 2014

Wednesdays + Weddings

Wednesday could not come soon enough for me this week, merely because we always look at celeb and designer weddings and I had already been drooling over one in particular – the nuptials of Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson.

have been obsessed with this union for an endless list of reasons but three specifically:

1. This, is how you break the internet – forget the bare ass of Kim Kardashian.

2. Black women, (can we all) take note – your skin colour does not dictate the need to be or act ghetto, it's not a cultural trait.

3. Someone is as unconventional as me – cue the continuing of my unorthodox wedding plans.

didn't even realize how overly excited I had become when I finally got the spread in my hands at work. All day, I was both in awe and even more so inspired. The wedding was described as a “labour of love.” Every inch and detail was done by friends, family, and people in relation to the couple personally. A wedding should be solely focused on love and this was an immaculate example – wasn't made to be televised, wasn't overly lavish for the sake of bragging rights, wasn't sexed out or shown up which is so many of the examples people are looking to as dream material for their own lives these days. It also went against tradition, as it was not solely about the bride – who blended entirely with her wedding party and guests, all decked alike in white (including Beyonce who stunned in a white piece which was under $400).

All hail Solange! Now that is what I call a role model. Without flaws and mistakes? No. (**I don't think it gets you on the nice list if you attack someone in an elevator). Also, a second marriage, with which she has a son from but she illuminated all that is truly important in life as a human being and more specifically as a (black) woman.

Leave the skin-tight, name dropping, wedding gowns to other celebrities. This bride wore a beauty baring, jaw-dropping, clean cut design by Humberto Leon for KENZO to be wed in. But to continue with non-traditional components, Solange chose a one-piece Stephanie Rolland jumpsuit to celebrate post ceremony with. Her look was accompanied with the simplest of gold accessories, neutral style makeup, and embraced natural hair – imagine that – no hot pink lips or colourful weave, and damn she didn't even toss in grills, tattoos, or a picture beside her car. She was the apidimi of class and sophistication in the most artistic of manners. I'm a sucker for respectful women, old school type love, and commendable role models despite spotlight. Time's are (no questions asked) changing. It's a rarity to see such a type and caliber of relations, one which doesn't demand greed or attention, is prominent but not loud, is strong but not in your face. It is a blessing to witness these encounters and faith restoring to know they still exist. Solange was a girl after my own heart with this celebration of union and without a doubt, easily, my weekly wedding inspiration.

“I am now one, with the one.”
– Solange Knowles Ferguson (Bride)

Happy day dreaming and midweek.
♛ Olivia Michelle of PA5FT, XO.

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