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Hello sweet people.

Olivia Murray here! Mama and maker behind Peeks At Five Ft.

When first starting this blog, the plan was for it to be focused solely on petite fashion and styles. However, since entering motherhood, the focus has shifted entirely.

Peeks at Five Ft. has become a one stop destination for the modern mama. Here you will find a compilation of personal life and style moments as well as healthy living tips, vegetarian/vegan recipes, mothering moments, as well as it's original intent - style.

The blog has become a platform of inspiration and most of all, connection.
I welcome visitors to leave comment, drop a note in my inbox, or follow along on social media where updates and interactions are even more frequent.

Thank you for stopping in and I truly hope you enjoy a little glimpse into my own musings, managing a family as a sports wife and many travels.

 { Cheers, Olivia Murray }

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