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5 Dec 2021

Toys To Last, A Djeco Gift Guide

There are few things more annoying post-holidays than gifts that were received or given, already loosing their value in functionality or in interest by the kids. We buy our kids new toys only once in a while and so when the times comes, we try to choose toys that meet this criteria:

toys that are of high-quality + made to last,
preference to those made with more eco-conscious materials,
toys that require imagination or learning in the process,
toys that depict representation (gender/race/family dynamics),
and ideally toys that can be shared between the kids or passed down.

I was delighted when Djeco reached out to work together this holiday season because we already owned their products and I know they check all those boxes. It's also worth nothing, from personally shopping their products, that while they are available in big retailers too (so very much accessible) they work a significant amount with small business and independently owned toys shops as well, which means you can support local businesses in the process.

I first came across the brand when we lived in Vancouver and would frequent our local toy store, Dilly Dally. Now we are happy to still be able to find it in person at Toronto's Kol Kid and Hamilton's Citizen Kid.

It is here that I found two of my favourite gifts for the kids this year. For our curious and hands-on 6 year old, from the Zig & Go collection. We opted for the "Roll" series but it also comes in 5 other variations of action-and-reaction, building set-like toys (running low at Kol Kid location). I like that it's comprised of materials like wood, has no screen component, and prompts learning and experiment.

For our daughter, I was so excited to find their Family Figures from their dollhouse collection. We are gifting her a dollhouse and this 4-person, dark-skinned family was the perfect companion. I think she'll just love the chance to play pretend with smaller and various figurines and was impressed that there was an option for ethnic representation. I hope to see even more expansion in that area, in the future.

Other notable favourites from the brand include their extensive puzzle offerings (we have this smaller one and this bigger one for school-aged children), their fun family-friendly card games (like this one or this one that's making it's way into our advent calendar this year) and DIY kits (these are a favourite!) I also think these alarm clocks are so cute. I would've considered this space themed one for our son if he didn't get an alarm clock gifted to him at his last birthday.

We opted to fill our advent calendar with a few small item gifts this year but the very same items would make wonderful stocking stuffers. Those items include: pirate card game, tattoos, and this set of double-ended crayons.

Best of all, there's still lots of time and no need to worry about shipping deadlines if you choose to shop in person. All of the linked items are carried at the mentioned small business toy stores. Support small business and shop local where possible this holiday season.

x, OM


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