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18 Sept 2019

OM MOM STYLE, with Solly Baby

Whether you’ve been here since my first baby (our son) or came around our newest’s arrival (baby girl), you probably already know that I am a babywearing faithful both by choice and otherwise.

In fact, without it, I’m not sure how I would have managed my first time as a mother — our son came midway through my husband’s playing career and within his first year of life we moved to 3 different cities, took countless flights, and braved too many arenas or stadiums to keep count of. I often had no helping hands and if I wanted any use of mine, babywearing it was.

Solly Baby was my introduction to babywearing so as mentioned recently on Instagram, it holds a special place in my heart. But that aside, it’s still a regular go-to in our household now and I’ll tell you why as well as my cons to this style.

First and foremost, I love that Solly wraps are both ethically and quality made. Our first wrap (pictured here) held our son from teeny tiny, to a time when he was probably too big and now holds our tiny girl close a whole 4 years later.

There are a variety of patterns and colourways which means unlike many tradition carries, you can pick something that truly suits  your personality or personal style. I do love the patterns that drop seasonally, but a solid colour (I obviously choose black initially) can pose a good every day, through the years and babies, option – especially if you’re going to stick to just one.

You’re in control. Without a preset design, shape, or size, it’s all in your hands. I like to keep my babies super high and snug the smaller they are or more things I’m doing (baby should always be secure and within kissing reach)* and with the do-it-yourself style of a wrap, I can choose what’s best for my baby and my own frame.

All those great things being said, it is my most time consuming option. The more you use it, the quicker you get at crisscrossing the straps and getting baby in but especially because I find that if I rush it doesn’t look as aesthetic and leaves potential to be less comfortable, it takes me a few minutes to make sure it’s all done smoothly, baby is in evenly, etc.

I believe every option has their pros and cons and I often choose what makes the most sense for the day, but Solly with forever be on rotation in our household and I couldn’t be more smitten about it.

Tee, Free Label / Jeans, Citizens of Humanity / Mules, Vagabond *many seasons ago / Wrap, Solly Baby

See the newly released FW19 collection.

This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed,
just a genuine account of personal use and purchase.

x, Olivia

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