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6 Aug 2019

Visiting Stackt Market

We finally made it a point to stop by and check out Stackt Market  after seeing much hype about it online and to feed my personal interest in urban space design.

A small selection of both permanent and pop-up shops, as well as on site food and drink options and the ability (for little ones, dogs, etc.) to run around all the while, didn’t disappoint.


A few of our favourites available at the “market” are Indigo (a small and finely curated version), JOMO for all your plant dreams, Yam Chops (take home vegan foods available), and Tkees.

The setup is such a cool use of an otherwise forgotten space in the city, serving chic-industrial vibes with large black shopping containers as the store fronts, metal and pipe details, turf grass and the cityscape (including a perfect view of the CN Tower) as a backdrop.

Something different for your next coffee stroll.

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