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14 Aug 2017

What Is 'Capsule' Wardrobe?

I recently shared to instagram my love and return to capsule wardrobe after having fallen off during my pregnancy with R. This spring I decided to work back towards that lifestyle again. I saw and knew the benefits, loved the simplicity, and really just wanted to spend less time at the mall or worrying about getting dressed and more time with my boys or adding instead of subtracting from the bank account. I knew there were probably other people who had similar feelings, and so I started sharing my insights, which soon turned into offering stylist services revolving around capsule.

Like most things I'm passionate about (parenting, eating green) I decided I would take it over here and share it with you guys. Hi! When I first posted to instagram about it, a lot of people took to my direct messages to share their love for the idea and desire to live with such habits. However, I also got quite a few messages and emails asking what in the world 'capsule wardrobe' meant? I'm breaking it down, simple simple simple, for the first of a series here today.

'Capsule Wardrobe,' is essentially a minimalistic approach to your wardrobe. It gets the term capsule from it's more compact size and is generally composed of staple pieces with the ability to mix and match with one another (thus cutting your "need" to always be buying new items and expanding the amount of things in your closet).

Now, the term is an old term. Originally coined by a boutique owner back in the 70's, the idea was of having 12 versatile items to get you through every day. Later on the idea changed to a wardrobe of about 30 or so items, which is a lot more up my alley. There is a common misconception that a capsule wardrobe is any number (no!) of black, white, or grey pieces - and although those are my palettes of preference, especially come the cold weather, that's not it.

The concept, whichever way you approach it (because despite the idea of 12 pieces being the simplest thing ever, it isn't realistic for everyone and their lifestyle) is about less; less spending, wasting, shopping, deciding, time getting dressed, etc.

Since motherhood, I've become more passionate than ever about both time not going wasted and our earth not being harmed. Life in capsule has become a habit that caters to both of those concerns and I'm excited to start a shift on here about living (and dressing) in a simpler, more ethical, more sustainable manner.

Until the next post, you can find inspiration on how I'm currently styling my capsule via the hashtag #capsulepeeks on Instagram. Not on the app? Don't worry. Check back here frequently to access my Instagram feed located on the right side of the blog.

Wearing: Sunday Best (chambray blouse) + Community (cebu pant joggers) *all available at Aritzia.
Bag is the 'Original' (diaper bag) in black, from Fawn Design.


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