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4 Jul 2015

What The Prep?

It seems like for most things in life we're asking: “How much longer?” “Are we there yet?” “Is it ready?” And I thought that's how I would feel at this point in pregnancy given what I'd heard, but, no. Despite tasks getting harder, days getting hotter, and everything taking me seemingly longer – I'm in no rush whatsoever. Of course being of the few expectant women to be mozying happily, we were told to start prepping. Wait! Hold on! We still have weeks to go, no? 

Well, we were told from the get go that my body wasn't exactly made for carrying (babies) and that two concerns we might face were an unelected c-section or (the case we're in), risk of preterm labour and delivery. I continued through this, taking my due date into account nonetheless and was slightly saddened to hear our little dude was trying to come a whole 10 weeks earlier than it. I've since come to terms with the fact that babies, much like mamas, tend to do whatever they so please. Thus, the necessary packing and preparations commenced early!

Let me start by saying that I could not be surrounded by any stronger, more independent, child bearing women. I mean, I've got advice and opinions coming out the you-know-what all around me but still.. I turn to google.. Sifting through numerous sites on "what to pack" and "how to prepare" for d-day! It hasn't made it all too much easier though since one source says, don't overpack and another says, the more prepared the better. Yikes! Okay? Thanks for nothing.

I've got the basics down, with a little twist of personal taste and preference (aka princess problem catering) but would love to hear from other recent of fellow expectant mamas what their packing list must-haves, tips or tricks include.

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Thanks in advanced!
XO, V.


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