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17 Apr 2015

Friday Five: Acne Fighting Foods

Let's be real, there's fewer things more annoying than facial flaws and stocking your bathroom like a pharmacy of products, only to receive minimal results. It's not so cliche when said that "beauty is from within." On a completely literal level, it's actually all too true. What's inside our bodies generally comes out one way or another. Whether you have glowing skin genes or are less fortunate there are some tried and true consumables that don't require a trip to that hole in the wall Asian market or overpriced naturopath's.

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A high consumption of watermelon is an easy, summery way to achieving dewy, glowing, and radiant skin. It only makes sense that such a fruit, composed primarily of water, would leave skin more hydrated but that's not all. Watermelon (in full fruit or juice form) is proven to aid acne - including but not limited to pimples/whiteheads/blackheads, as well as prevent or limit skin issues such as acne scaring, red blotches, dark circles and even wrinkles. A childhood favourite but full of Vitamin A, B, and C, mineral water, and two skin friendly compounds "Lycopene" and "Citrulline" that your adult skin will adore.


Not just a California favourite or growing trend on restaurant menus. Avocado is commonly known for it's "good fats" which already increases it's female fan base but it's also very rich in both Vitamins C and E - reducing skin inflammation, increasing skin's vitality and acting as a natural moisturizer.

Brown Rice.

A super simple swap when cooking your favourite rice incorporated meal at home and a growing option if asked for at your favourite oriental take-out spot. It's widely known that choosing anything whole grain over "bleached" or white is the smarter choice but you can feel even better about your meal knowing that brown rice is a source of protein, magnesium,  antioxidants, and best of all? Vitamin B, which acts as a stress reliever and regulating the accompanying hormones that come along with such life dilemmas. 


The perfect fix to replace a sweet or sugary craving. Berries are absolutely full of flavour and crammed with acne fighting, skin repairing, toxin preventing antioxidants. Although any berry consumption is a step in the right direction, the full benefits come from those that are fresh not frozen or preserved.


That's right! Go loco for cocoa. Okay. Well it might not be that simple! Dark chocolate and (high flavanol) cocoa powder however, will give you the luxury of having a guilt free pleasure that your skin can "thank you" for at the same time. Both are full of natural plant compounds with heavy antioxidant properties, which promote circulation and skin hydration. Problems with rough, dry, or scaly skin? Find moderation in consumption, given that each piece of solid chocolate comes with calorie intake but treat yourself - and your skin.

"The only beauty I know is health."
( – Heinrich Heine)

Happy weekend-ing.
XO, V.

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