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15 Nov 2020

Gathre's Holiday Sale + Personal Picks

It's that time of year when sales are a plenty, so let me start by saying this: if you are trying to save more than ever or weren't already in the market for anything here, then please do not feel inclined to shop unnecessarily.

I've tried to be very intentional about how I approach "sale seasons" and the likes of Black Friday in the past 4 years, but there are some sales that still I look forward to because they're just too good to pass up. Gathre is one of those sales. And I'll tell you why.

Above everything else, we use all our Gathre goods on a regular basis. In fact, we've had some for so long they're very worn in and incredibly soft (dare I say better than ever?) We're still using mats we've had since Rheo was a baby because of their multi-purpose abilities and that's what keeps me both coming back to support the brand and justifying the price (duties and shipping as an international customer).

They have expanded their brand offering significantly since I first became a customer and that's why I want to round up my favourites, share my personal sale picks, and some shopping tips ahead of their annual holiday event.

Gathre Sale, Shopping Tips:

If you aren't already, sign up for the newsletter and early access!

Be prepared. Things will move fast and sell out.

Pre-create a wishlist. Not only does this help you minimize site navigation time but also keeps you on track with what you really want versus aimlessly scrolling and adding to cart. Sales are a great opportunity to gain access to items that might regularly be a stretch or out of budget entirely, but you don't want to over spend/over consume because of it.

Choose a checkout method like PayPal, Apple Pay or Amazon Pay that already has your shipping and/or billing information previously stored. Alternatively, you can create an account prior to shopping and save all the necessary information there to eliminate needing to do so upon checkout.

Gathre Sale, In My Cart & On My Wishlist:

Educational Mats, Numbers | This is probably going to be tucked away as a Christmas present for my child who constantly wants to count to 100 (sigh). I love the midi size for fun, hands on, home school activities but it also comes in various other options.a

Advent Calendar | Can hardly wait to see what size restocks, but I've been wanting this since they first launched. I passed at the time because it wouldn't have gotten to me in time for advent season, but I love the idea of something to keep for years to come.

Home Mats, Hopscotch | Unfortunately the black-white colour way sold out quick but should it restock, it's high on my wish-list in preparation for all things winter and pandemic fun. It does come in another colour that would also compliment a lot of homes just as well.

Wall Tidy | This has my name all over it and I would've already ordered it if it weren't for trying to eliminate multiple orders. I love both colour options and see this as the never growing out of product, something that can continually be reused and reimagined.

Gathre Sale, Favourites:

The Midi Mat, Solids | The midi mat was the first mat I ever owned from Gathre and it's what solidified me as a customer. At the time, it seemed like a splurge compared to any oversized beach towel or picnic blanket I could find elsewhere but it served us so much more than we initially thought. From posing as a beach mat, space to play, floor protector during arts and crafts, table cloth for baking with a toddler, and highchair catch all - it took quite a beating, withstanding everything we threw at it. We only ever considered replacing it because as our family grew, we felt the need for an upgrade to The Maxi Mat. The solid colours are a great every day option.

The Home Mats, New & Improved | This is a family favourite in our household. I bought this as a Christmas present for Rheo a couple years back when it was part of their yoga collection (also got him these yoga cards to pair with it and we love them to this day!) They've since updated their design and rebranded them as "home mats" due to their many uses.

Floor Cushions & Mini Floor Cushions | I love these, both sizes, for the entire house. I wish I could get my hands on the large ones however they don't ship internationally and I haven't found any stocked in Canada. The minis are just as great though (Canadian stockists, here and here, if you're international) as bedroom, playroom, and movie night additions.

Map Mats | Educational, aesthetic and still just as functional as any of the other mats. I love these for learning purposes but also as an elevated take on a wall hanging/room decor. Available in World Map, USA Map, Canada Map, and National Parks. We have the maxi+ size which is every bit huge and a thrill for the kids to be hands on with.

Holiday Collection (inspiration) | It's hard to pick just one item because this really is my favourite time of the year. On top of that, their selection really does elevate traditional items we would otherwise buy anyways and the leather/vegan leather brings a durability and wipeable factor that's sure to make them last. I love the Tree Skirts and anticipate them being restocked for the sale, along with the coveted Advent Calendar that I mentioned is on my wish list pending restock as well. New prints like Cantata and Pencil Stripe (coming tomorrow!) are a fun holiday activity backdrop for baking, wrapping presents, and everything else.

One More Note:

If you feel so inclined you can support me as a Gathre Team Member as well as earn yourself a $20 off coupon, by shopping via the referral link here. This post is not sponsored, but I do hold collaborative relationships with the brand. All opinions and item selections are my own.

Happy Holidays, OM x


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