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23 Nov 2015

Pink Blush & Nursing Mamas

Motherhood comes with all kinds of delights or disasters throughout the day. However, there is one part of my day I can always count on being an absolute, non disguised, blessing. First thing in the morning. We've gotten extremely lucky with Rhe and his sleeping – something I don't take for granted with all the horror stories people scare you with. 

Most days, I wake up and work on getting through projects and emails under the covers until I hear the heavy breathing of my son doing yoga in his bed. We haven't done co-sleeping since he was about 2 weeks old, so after a quick diaper change, I always bring him into our bed for cuddles and a feed. Perks to breastfeeding are endless but most of all, I love the closeness and convenience (not to say it's the easiest by any means!) I can feed and snuggle back into bed all at once. The only thing that makes it that much easier is clothes that enable you to nurse freely. 

I love wearing cute "jamas" as we call them, and that's why I'm obsessed with this delivery/nursing robe from Pink Blush's nursing line. After all, even my husband likes it which means it's obviously just as easy on the eyes as is it on my mothering duties.I believe we can put our best foot forward each day before we actually even get dressed. Wake up feeling sure of yourself and the day ahead. After all, today could be one of the best days of your life. Light and airy in material, with an easy wide opening front, and available in a selection of cute colours and prints – it's the perfect idea for any near, new, or nursing mamas you might know. 

Or better yet? Go ahead. Spoil YOURSELF.

Stay tuned for more of my Pink Blush collaboration and happy mothering.

XO, Olivia Murray.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions and views remain that of my own. I do not endorse products or brands in which I do not truly use and/or support. | Thank you PinkBlush for sponsoring this post.

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