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15 Dec 2014

Holiday Gift Guide | The Tree Huggers

Last minute shopping not hard enough? Just toss an ethically conscious person on your list of who to buy for. Should you have no idea what to buy the person who doesn't eat meat, wear leather, like non-recycled paper (and the list of obnoxious things go on) then here is the gift guide of some gross trending purchases that also happen to cater to such needs and might just help you land a gift they'll actually like or better yet, use.

1. The Oh She Glows Cookbook.

Created from "Oh She Glows," an award winning blog on vegan lifestyle helping you glow from the inside out, Canada's own Angela Liddon shares her very own plant based recipes, techniques, and habits that helped her over come an eating disorder and become the healthiest version of herself in book form. Guys, she's on the New York Times best sellers list and has 152k instagram followers? Her recipes are obviously on point in the health department and totally table picture worthy. Get your copy in stores, on sale here, or e-reader edition here.

2. Designers x Melissa.

Common misconception? That you can't shop cruelty free without looking like a lame. False. I myself am not a vegan. I both own and wear pieces composed of leather, wool, etc. I do however try to avoid the unnecessary. Not every piece needs to be genuine leather and with the amount of alternatives these days, what kind of person wears a dead animal's fur? No? People still do that? Well, there has been a turn in the actual industry and designers (I'm talking big names people!) are teaming up with Brazilian fashion designer, Melissa, to collaborate their claim to fame in style with her infamous ecological ethics. My personal favourites are that of the x Jason Wu collaboration but creations also include the likes of x Vivienne Westwood and x Karl Lagerfeld. After all, who doesn't want new shoes?

3. Pacifica Beauty.

A tried and true cosmetics brand, that carries everything from lotions and soaps to makeup, nail polishes, and perfumes. Dubbed one of the most innovative brands on the market - Pacifica caters to all tree hugging areas with items that include all natural components, the safest of ingredients, and recyclable packaging on products of a 100% gluten free, vegan, and cruelty-free guarantee. Shop my personal favourites (long lash mineral mascaracoconut kiss butterscoconut water face wipes) or find the perfect combination of picks in the array of guilt free indulges online at

4. Bitches Love Boxes.

Self-explanatory. Subscription boxes are not only fun and exciting, but also growing rapidly in popularity and availability. With a growing demand, the options/sizes/product focus varies for each person's preferred wants. Snacks? Products? A bit of both? Shop the best of the best below and purchase a one year subscription for the world saver on your list.
  • The Originals: Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Monthly delivery of 7-10 vegan munchies.
  • The Ultimate Sampler: Healthy Surprise Box | Jam packed with samples of every kind. (Also gluten, corn, soy free. Use code: MYSUBSCRIPTIONADDICTION for $10 off.)
  • The Bath And Body Lover: The Good Box | Natural, vegan, child friendly spa products.
  • The Beauty Box: Petit Vour | Catering to the compassionate princesses out there. (Available in 3 different length subscription as low as per month to a full year.)

5. Lululemon.

Nobody would complain about getting lululemon under their tree. While their apparel comes at a significantly higher price, it is the leading top trend in hog and fitness wear for young females and also highly ecologically friendly. The company uses their very own blend of fabric, "Luon", that provides stretch and moisture absorption without the harm of animals or the environment. Order online today or by the 22nd - miss the lines, crazy mall moms, AND have it by the 24th (without shipping costs).

6. LUSH.

I know, you know LUSH. And if you don't, than your nose probably does. (The store can be smelt all through the mall, venue, or a mile away!) But if you're still unfamiliar with the company than you should know that they create the most luscious of bath supplies, all entirely fresh, handmade and 83% of their products are in fact vegan products.

7. Go Faux.

There's no denying that fur is luxurious but at what expense? With the endless availability of luxury faux and fine replica fur, doting real fur doesn't make anyone look rich - it makes them look like an asshole. (Not to mention the fact that most people can't even tell the difference.) Give the gift of warmth without stealing that of an animal's by gifting a blanket or throw. Perfect for a chic look, a cold night, or an accessory to any cuddle session. My personal pick - used daily - and also a top pick in the fine replica scale just so happens to be available at an easy to access store, Chapters, Indigo, Coles, or any of their online shopping retailers. Made with individual finely spun strands, the blankets nearly mimic that of the animal of your choice (black bearchinchillared fox and more) with accompanying pillows to match and currently on sale, this is a fool proof idea for any animal lover meets interior enthusiast.

Enjoy browsing and shopping, all while feeling good about your choices this year.

♛ Happy Holidays, Peeks At Five Ft.

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